zhou early autumn, the sun shining brightly. August 23 afternoon, Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao inspected the heavenly state of hydraulic company Faced Financial The severe clash of the emergency,cheapjordansforsales.weebly.com,enterprises how to accomplish adverse economic growth, innovation and research in particular to private companies amid Wenzhou to survive the financial crisis plus difficulties,plus apt boost the Wenzhou personal companies to win the final victory of the financial emergency has given encouragement and confidence.

State Chairman Jiang Weixin St.general manager JIANG, Xiao Jianxiong Director Director Development Zone meeting, Premier Wen plus his entourage entered the heavenly state's showroom,see the accurate Hydraulic Parts , The Prime Minister namely very concerned nearly the mutation of new products. Jiang Wei pointed apt a hydraulic cruelty of modish products aboard the Prime Minister said: "This namely a hydraulic chapters,is XCMG 500 tons forever terrain known as hanging among Asia " Crane Special hydraulic valve, which is the essence of the cord automobile,used apt control the cord automobile up plus down and move nearly without it, the cord automobile ambition lose the target,Cheap Jordans For Sale, which we plus the Xuzhou Engineering Institute jointly developed"

Wen Jiabao asked with concern: "Domestic Construction Machinery Equipment Control Parts Most rely aboard imported it, this is our 'Kabo Zi' products. "Chairman Jiang Weixin then:" We are 10 years of research plus evolution enterprise amplified a successful one, a lot of production to fill the breach"The maximal minister nodded with appreciation:" To keep up the agreeable fight because surplus mall occupation. "Chairman Jiang Weixin description:" We do engineering machinery hydraulic chapters have invested large multidisciplinary,difficult production process, output characteristics of slow, so this line is laborious apt stir,accessory stick among the loneliness. Do hydraulic chapters there is no sense of mission, responsibility, concentration plus innovation is very laborious to have success. Saint-state corporation has been focusing on hydraulic chapters for 17 annuals of history, today's products have been gradually replaced forward St state equipment manufacturing the world's most advanced Germany, the United States, Japan and other nations products. "After listening to Jiang Wei's report, Premier Wen Xin Wei's laugh revealed.

Into the workshop, the shade"industry serve the nation the world was introduced apt China, so China's technology guiding the earth of personas attracted Premier Wen Jiabao and his entourage. State R & D among San large flow of fashionable electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve test systems ahead heard the company's technical adviser State St., Zhejiang University Professor Kong's description of the product: "This namely the heavenly state companies and jointly amplified by Zhejiang University, mainly for die-casting machines, hydraulic injection velocity percentage can accomplish control,enhance production efficiency,namely apt fill the gaps,to replace imported products, the production namely the testing phase instantly"Premier Wen said that the acceptance plus advocate pleased apt said: "I hope you success." Premier Wen Jiabao plus his celebration a full workshop among Saint-Bon companies investigated accessory than 20 minutes.

Study finished Premier Wen Jiabao took the initiative apt stand among the gate shop staff goodbye handshake to encourage, state holding enterprise Saint-old engineer Chen Youde hand plus said: "The state can not do without your support of St. ah!" When staff proposed We absence a movie attach meantime Premier Wen Jiabao, Premier Wen easygoing waded among the workers to encounter the requirements of the workers a laugh posed because pictures with staff representatives,apt St.incited state workers.

Premier Wen took bus apt the farewell of the Holy state of folk waving. Sure, inspire, hope, Premier Wen's journey apt the Holy state enterprises has rotated into a heavenly folk incited state nat Related articles:
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