ldwide circulation of health awareness, creating cola mall decline and health Beverages Rise. Herbal tea, green tea, Juice , Coconut milk grains plus other herbs, plants gradually eroded cola beverage beverage mall Wong Lo Kat namely one of the fable understood because the "China Coca-Cola . "Learned, Wong Lo Kat this daily expected to exceed 10 billion brand among sales. I am actually envious of a number.

At this period,many pharmaceutical Health Products ,mulberryfactory.webeden.co.uk, Drinks, small Food Other undertakings are eager to fire its own brand of herbal tea,all vowed apt do "herbal second infant"China's Pepsi." According apt incomplete statistics,by fewest no fewer than dozens of brands.

Unfortunately, we have several years of observation,almost all absence of efficacious marketing strategies, success namely highly unlikely. New up plus down,for thing of the elapse prefer coming and going without a alley Recently, a named "Wan Kat Music" of herbal tea brand,arrange"Blue Storm" against Wong Lo Kat, attracted our attention.

Strategic point of landscape from the category, "Wan Ji Yue VS. Wong Lo Kat" The opposition strategy is never among zone there are eight mistakes among bargain strategy. That's enough never a threat to the Wong Lo Kat,and tin never construct a "Chinese Pepsi."

Mistakes I: appoint not surrounded place

Named the first opener to the success of marketing strategy. Wanji melody,always the wrong words.

First, the "million"should never use the word, it's affair named "10000-based" homophonic "Wan Ji"production names plus corporation names are too near when 10 000 Ji Yuecheng long,not longer conducive apt mold into a strong independent brand, because the focus aboard affair state distinctions two names want contain every other. If the "million" words can also be forgiven whether,behind the words, consumers tin not be forgiven.

Second, it should never use the employer Wong Lo Kat herbal tea category surrounded the "Kat"namely used Wong Lo Kat's "Kat Hing hours of" innovative party of Chinese brand bargain has been occupied China,luck plus civilization Ji, belong to Wong Lo Kat,uggs clearance, this is a matter of lesson.

Finally, I should never beverage category with Coke employer cheerful word. Huan you dancing afresh singing again crazy,good period plus afterward cheerful apt have Coca-Cola and Pepsi among the place it? Funny apt"le" the young family namely a home-Cola camp skills Music,cheapjordansforsales.weebly.com, are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, one hundred years, this is a acknowledged truth.

With "Ji"song which is the greatest mishap of this appoint As a latecomer,and guiding brand name too near was jump to fail,and the formation of opposing trend guiding brands.

Error 2: contrary color namely never among place

Lot of sale folk only to discern the face of Pepsi against Coca-Cola's red and blue,at a time the guiding brand namely ruddy,next those who engage among confrontation,aboard the proposed blue. This namely actually never a small error!

Pepsi Blue namely moving down the American flag,louboutinuk.webeden.co.uk,ruddy blue,white colored by the representatives of the United States. To discern American films hero was: Superman, Spider alley Transformers, etc.no doubt there ambition be ruddy blue. This is the U.S. national soft power of publicity, China does never absence the blue.

Blue,Louboutin uk, reminiscent of fewer than herbal tea, herbal, health,Cheap Jordans For Sale,plus more than Lenovo of China. Many important cultural tradition of Chinese folk do never like this "10000 Blue Kat Music." Wan Ji Yue henceforth use of the Chinese civilization apt promote their health, which goes against the civilization of the blue, self-contradictory approximate it longing form a cognitive impairment. (Now really met a big obstacle?? Tradition or innovation, 10000 Le Kyrgyzstan are in the medium of the mu Related articles:
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